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We first start by just casting mana rocks, and artifacts that cycle. If seal is out of budget its out of budget but is very good with this kind of deck. We still continue the loop of sacrificing Breya and one Thopter to the Altar, and paying the 4 mana to bring her back. Love the density of combos. If you build this deck, it’s on you to let the other players at the table know what it is you’re trying to accomplish, and you should understand if they ask you to play a different deck for a game or two before. Step 2 – Infinite Mana: We sacrifice our 2 creatures to the Altar, giving us 4 colorless mana. Tezzeret is pretty good in a shell with winter orb and high mana rock density I like gilded lotus too. 15 - 0 Commons.

Within those two lands, we need to be able to make at least, Mana Acceleration: Whether this is mana rocks, or, Combo Piece/Tutor: We want to see one of these things in our opening hand.

Step 2 – Pili-Pala dance: So, we use Grand Architect’s first ability to turn Pili-Pala into a blue creature. So, our last combo is probably the simplest. We can then repeat this process of tapping Pili, and untapping it, netting 1 mana of any color, until we have infinite mana of every color.

From there, try to get discounts on your artifacts as you cast more and cycle more, sac artifacts for mana to cast more artifacts, recur them all drawing more cards and keep going through your deck. The changelog will start from here on out as I feel this list is fairly optimized and may only change a few cards here and there. - Brian Wiseman, April 1996. At this point, you sacrifice the Thopter token to the Ashnod’s Altar, giving you two generic mana. Fortunately, basically the only situation that you wouldn’t be able to get Breya back immediately is if she were in someone else’s control, and Eldrazi Displacer’s ability will usually be able to get that back for you. Once we have infinite mana, we no longer need to sacrifice the 2nd Thopter that we get from Breya. The second reason is that all of these mana rocks are artifacts themselves, which means if our mana is looking good, we can start sacrificing them to progress our strategy. Once we get our engine going we are looking to assemble is either a loop with one of Scrap Mastery/Second Sunrise/Faith's Reward and Codex Shredder, or to get Auriok Salvagers + Lion's Eye Diamond to make infinite mana, or Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal. Privacy statement | Discord Server | DMCA requests |

Like I said in the description for the deck, we are playing tutors, but our combos do require several pieces to go off, and sometimes we need to tutor for some interaction to stay in the game!, Why I Am So Excited For Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, Riku of Two Reflections – Copy Everything!

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