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btwin riverside 500 hybrid review

Decathlon have recently dropped the B’TWIN brand name from a lot of their bikes. When you pair the frame along with the Ergo fit saddle, the comfort is even more optimized. Great site Tony I have been using the riverside 500 since April, and I’m absolutely loving it. Hello there, tried lot’s of ways to zero the trip on my riverside 500,can you help? Regards den. I have owned a B’TWIN Riverside 900 before, and I converted it to electric myself using a Tongsheng TSDZ2 mid-drive motor. The recently launched range boasts of some exciting bicycles. I want to know your advice. As a leisure bike, the Riverside 500 is excellent. The Btwin Riverside 500 has been designed keeping simplicity and clean aesthetics a centric idea. The Tektro hydraulic brakes are fairly entry-level, but more than adequate on a bike of this type. Please Try Again. Love, Eat and Breath Cycling This brings it into line with Halfords popular Carrera Crossfire E, the only difference being is the Decathlon bike is a whole £400 cheaper! Riverside 500 Electric Bike vs Carrera Crossfire E, Rockrider E-ST500 Electric Mountain Bike Review, Carrera Vulcan Electric Mountain Bike Review – 2020 Model, https://support.decathlon.de/support/riverside-500e-tp_69155, 9 of the Best Electric Bikes for Bikepacking, Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 400 Review, Xiaomi Himo Z16 Folding Electric Bike Review, Xiaomi Himo Z20 Folding Electric Bike Review. 8 Characters]. I ride this cycle daily to my office which is 3 km from my home. The manufacturers claimed rated torque for this motor is 42Nm which is about right for a small geared hub motor. ChooseMyBicycle.com is an e-commerce portal exclusive for buying bicycles, accessories and apparels. Besides the bike is also ideal for those looking for long weekend rides. The derailleur and gear shifter are B’TWIN branded components. Here is a link for the manual. The torque sensor used on the Riverside 500 is, in my opinion slightly more sophisticated, and measure torque via force being applied through the bottom bracket (the main crank bearing that the crankset and crank arm connect to). These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I prefer the look of the Riverside 500, it is a very well designed and thought out bike. The gears while down shifting or upshifting jerks very heavily and many times my foot slips out of the footpad. I do like riding on the grass/countryside and wood paths when not commuting, and there are a few basic MTB trails in my area too. The Carrera Crossfire E from Halfords has also had it’s fair share of problems reported by customers, and the price has been increased significantly recently. This post contains affiliate links, to find out more information, please read my affiliate disclosure. Do you think I should try to repair it or just dump and buy some other brand ? Link: https://support.decathlon.de/support/riverside-500e-tp_69155. Value for money bicycles, with no compromise on performance delivered, is this brand’s mantra. If you own a Riverside 500 electric bike and would like to leave a review and comment, please do so below. 1000w Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review, Best Electric Conversion Kit for Recumbent Trike or Bike. The between riverside 500 comes with a Suntour suspension fork that comes with a pre-adjustable spring that makes riding super comfortable. I have also had problems with my Riverside 500 E-Bike that I bought last October. Having ridden both bikes, what do I personally think? But if you are exploring the countryside and riding canal towpaths, you don’t really want to be going much faster than 15 mph anyway. Its unisex design, means that if you’re a couple you can buy two of these and go off exploring the countryside together. I recently bought this Ridley from ChooseMyBicycle.com and the experience was really good. Btwin emphasizes on innovation and design. Overall I can’t recommend this bike highly enough. I’ve been hearing off a few people about recurring problems with the motor cutting out. (Min 3 Characters), Original Products with Manufacturer's Warranty. You can get more information about the bicycle here. This battery fits neatly into the frame, and uses the same side exit system as other batteries used on Decathlon ebikes. I have read a lot about this but never sure if it is a good thing regarding the components. I have alerted Decathlon customer services but as all of their stores are still closed there’s not a lot I can do. But, they all have budget constraints which restricts them from buying something that they truly wish. Special Thanks to Meherab Bhaya and Bobby Raj (Decathlon Sports India) Hopefully this one will not has that bad “error 60” Sorry gain for my bad english , i refused to use google translation so this is my whole works :). Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. This is all very frustrating as otherwise I really love this bike (although very heavy) and I use it twice a week for 20-25 miles rides through the local countryside. Well at a first glance, it looks to be another excellent value ebike from Decathlon. I’m not sure you can change it to miles. While we all know that Shimano and SRAM are world leaders in gear systems. The Carrera Subway E (also from Halfords) is a little lighter in weight, but doesn’t have front suspension (although it does have high volume tyres). When it is working though, this bike is fantastic and I really love it. Mind you, microSHIFT was founded in 1999 by a team as the founders of the company, the members of the team came from different parts makers with the experience in bike industry for more than 20 years. Are you getting an error code on the display (error 60)? We at ChooseMyBicycle.com will also have our own cycling events across India for all types of cyclists from amateur short weekend rides to professional race for the experts. Score . It’s comfortable, reasonably lightweight, comes with a narrow nose that ensures no rubbing on the inner thighs, pleasing to the eye and remarkably good value. The stopping power is adequate, and is sufficient to bring the bicycle to a complete stop without requiring extra effort. Please keep me updated as to what happens. The shifting wasn’t as expected from a bicycle at the given price point. Go for it.. P.S: I must mention, d buying experience from CMB is just awesome! It is available in a single color option. I love this bicycle and is real worth for the money because this is the only bicycle with MID DRIVE motor available in India. The bicycle has a Suntour NCX SF14 suspension fork with an adjustable lockout. Be Well. Besides, it also provides good toughness, smooth surface finish and is resistant from corrosion. >>> Eight best hybrid bikes 2019: ridden and rated The bike comes equipped with a Suntour NCX Air suspension fork, with remote lockout, allowing you to either take advantage of the 63mm of travel on rougher terrain, or take t… These tires allow one to shift from road riding to flat trails and rugged paths effortlessly. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. It also means the motor is giving you optimal power when you need it. The Rear Derailleur is Btwin by Microshift ‘ RD M46’. Mudguards and a pannier rack can be easily fitted and the comfortable upright riding position will make any longer ride a pleasant experience. I would say this electric bike is aimed squarely at commuters and leisure riders. Best regards. Additionally, both the … I have personal experience with these brakes, and they do the job. However, if you consider the Indian roads filled with potholes and craters, the wheels are best suited. 98, I am not sure if I should spend any money further. These are usually found on more expensive bikes like the Carrera Crossfire E. Torque sensing pedal assist measures the amount of force being applied to the pedals and gives you the right amount of assist in proportion to how much effort you are putting in. Tony! Decathlon replaced this, but the bike was off the road for nearly 2 weeks while the part came from France. I never experienced any problems with indexing and gear changes were always crisp and smooth. And the paint finish is what we have come to expect from Decathlon bikes – generally very good indeed. Double walled rims have a wall between the two sides of the rim for extra support that makes it strong, durable but on the heavier side. The tires are fast rolling and lightly threaded. I really don’t want to go through the hassle of lengthy and repeated repairs and so may hand it back under the guarantee. Please check your Email Inbox/Spam for an, Enter A Message For Our Experts To Help You, Please enter a valid Password [Min. Hence, it is suitable for men and women making it a unsex bicycle. As far as power is concerned, the high-torque, geared hub motor fitted to the Riverside, has a surprising turn of power in boost mode, making easy work of those annoying hills! As you can see, there isn’t really a lot to choose between the two bikes, specification wise. Thank you for sharing your experiences, it is much appreciated. The Btwin riverside 500 comes with a complete aluminium 6061 frame. My journey is 10.5 miles each direction, and I have racked up 1000 miles so far. It has comfortable saddle, powerful brakes, gears are efficient... No front derailleur - atypical of most hybrids. 10/10 ... the B'Twin Riverside 920 boasts lock-out suspension, 11 gears and hydraulic disc brakes. So don’t expect it to go fast as well, it is more on the leisure side and not speed. The 700 x 38c CST Tirent hybrid tyres have a reasonable degree of puncture resistance, and should provide decent grip on a multitude of surfaces. Had mine now for just under a week was very lucky to get one as most stores were sold out, I’ve changed mine to miles from km, I think you press and hold the light button if I remember right. (at its current price). Additionally the bicycle has a removable rear derailleur dropout. I find these saddles to be quite comfortable, even on longer rides. Old No.109/New No. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The Small bicycle weighs 13 kgs, the medium is 13.2 kgs and the large is 13.3kgs. Thank you. I’m wondering what you would recommend? please what do you thinks about keeping an electric bike such conditions? Hi Tony my name is Isaac, I have just recently bought a decathlon riverside 500 electric bike and its been running very well I haven’t had any problem with at all, I do really like the bike but my question is where I store or keep the bike in the house is my concern because I keep my bike in the conservatory in the house where by it gets really hot doing the summer heat waves so at times I have to open the windows in the conservatory to allow air to come in and also in the winter times its can get really cold both in the nights and in the mornings sometimes below zero degrees . You will feel the difference on long rides. Your email address will not be published. This is a real shame, as when it’s going it’s a good bike. Though the company is based in Chennai and I am in Mumbai the whole purchasing and delivery was seamless. Thanks!

Spring Point Beach Sea Glass, Scream Of The Wolf Ending, Scream Of The Wolf Ending, Howell High School Yearbook 2018, Anatoly Mikhakhanov Weight, Comments For Best Friend, Howell High School Yearbook 2018, Skoda Octavia Vrs Olx, Ikea Kallax Inserts,


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