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The Cedar Elm is among my chosen five of the best bonsai trees for beginners. SKU: Celm28pre Category: Uncategorized. I will be getting a couple of trees tomorrow having landowners consent and will follow the information you provided. The most reliable way is to figure out when they bloom, but I’ve never had one of either species bloom in a pot. Here’s a sequence showing development of a nice cedar elm over the course of a single year. Specific Bonsai care guidelines for the Cedar. There. I love the nice natural shape this tree exhibits. Now I move to the front, repeating the process. I write often about the stick/stump to bonsai path. Once it’s time to pot the tree initially, first wash off all the native soil. I don’t think this one has paid off. the roots must be pruned with a very sharp pair of shears as the bark tends to pull away from the inner core very easily. I go mostly by where they occur; we don’t have Cedar elms naturally where I live. Overnight orders Need to be submitted the previous day by 11 AM in order to go out the next day. The leaves are: elliptical or lance-shaped, Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Larger specimen trees can require freight delivery. The tree had a massive amount of root, but given how tough Cedar elms are it should shake off the root-pruning and never look back. The base is 1.5″ across, and the height is currently around 14″. I think this is better. It had only a single branch when collected, but produced ample buds to allow for proper development of the tree’s structure. The base of this tree is about 1″, and it’s 13″ in height from the soil. Be sure to bury the surface roots to ensure they don’t dry out as the tree recovers. This is a Cedar Elm bonsai tree. Cedar elm, Ulmus Crassifolia, is a member of the Elm family, Ulmaceae. The price of freight is subject to change, so please call for exact pricing. Watering: normal watering routine. The bark of cedar elm is light brown and furrowed into broad, scaly ridges. The only problem with this is, as time has gone on I’ve become less and less enamored with that low branch. In Beautiful St. Francisville, Louisiana. Here’s a closeup of my new chop. So after a quick shearing, this is now a much more presentable bonsai. Then there’s that monster Crape myrtle. Cedar elm has two or three rounds of growth each season, which allows for thickening of branches that require it and development of a fine branch structure which makes your bonsai look like a full-sized tree in nature. I work with them all the time. If I leave it outside in a container wont the roots freeze? Cedar Elm likes full and moderate water and fertilizer. Thank you so much! Any help would be appreciated! Good luck in finding your husband a cedar elm. In my view, there’s seldom a good reason to try and force a tree to be something it clearly doesn’t want to be. Do bonsai-sized elm get elm disease or do only larger trees that will get it? As for privet, I think you could do some limited pruning now if you’re in the South, but I’d wait till spring if farther north. Water as needed, don’t let the soil dry out. I’ve posted my work on this Cedar elm since I first started styling it back in 2018. I even expect to be able to pot in sometime around June or July. Just another few years and this will make quite a Cedar elm bonsai. Zach is pleased to offer this Cedar Elm as a pre-bonsai for your collection. Have you ever worked with it? Cold hardy tree Zones 5-9. Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description. This tree was styled by Erik Wigert, owner of Wigert’s Bonsai Nursery in North Ft Myers, Florida. They’re plentiful in Texas. It is the most common elm here in GA and it also has small leaves for an elm, quite vigorous growth and corky twigs. It’ll be posted for sale in a couple of months. I’ve blogged before as this tree has been built from the ground up. Out of stock. I go mostly by where they occur; we don’t have Cedar elms naturally where I live. Keep me posted, Clem. I collected this specimen in February of 2019. Designed by Cathy Smith, MBA ND LMT, ZBH | (c) 2000 - Today. Cedar elm and winged elm are distinctly different species, though very difficult to tell apart. Cut the trunk to roughly 12-24”, then sever the lateral roots to within 4-6” of the trunk. I have big windows for solar gain and plenty morning sun plant spots. And finally, a trimming of the branches to finish off today’s work. This tree has only a slight taper to it, so in order to trick the brain into thinking it’s a bigger tree than what it is, the branches must be brought in. No special requirements. Second, would fall be a good time to prune privet which only somewhat drop leaves in the winter? Cedar Elms are great for beginners and style experimentation. This tree obviously lends itself to the “naturalistic” style of bonsai for deciduous trees. Nice. Healthy specimens can be defoliated in late summer, but the practice is not recommended but every other year. Designed by Cathy Smith, MBA ND LMT, ZBH | (c) 2000 - Today. SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ulmus crassifolia COMMON NAME: Texas Cedar Elm. As I understand Dutch elm disease, it only occurs in landscape trees because of how the fungus is transmitted (by adult beetles feeding in the crotches of limbs 2-10″ in diameter). Would love your thoughts, please comment. This is a great tree for beginners or even seasoned bonsai artists. Just leave your comment(s) below and then expect to hear back from me. Cedar elm, Ulmus Crassifolia, is a member of the Elm family, Ulmaceae. It’s also time to get the tree into its ultimate position for potting, so I can see how the styling work has progressed. The specimen pictured below was estimated to be about 40 years old despite only having a trunk diameter of 1-1/2”. We still have to trim and style a bit and add some more accent pieces, but it’s essentially done. You can see the shoots just starting to extend. That said, protect the roots from freezing during winter. I don’t expect a lot of growth from this tree between now and dormancy, but next year is going to be an important one in terms of finishing out this tree. Step number one was to wire two of the branches in the crown, and position them most effectively. This procedure is a multi-step, multi-year process and there’s no short-cutting it if you mean to get it right. Cedar elm bonsai in its third year of training. This specimen, though small (trunk base 1″), will make a nice bonsai. While you wait, you may want to consider seeking larger specimens to collect. This will very slowly add water to the soil and let it spread out evenly. Let me know what you think about today’s Cedar elm work. But that won’t help you now. Above is a shot of this tree as a stump, then this photo of the initial wiring back in 2017. Can be slip-potted this summer into a bonsai pot if you like. The common name, cedar elm, has nothing to do with anything particularly cedar-ish about its morphology. This tree continues to develop per my plan. I love the nice natural shape this tree exhibits. This small Cedar elm, Ulmus crassifolia, was collected in 2018 and is the last of three I had in the pot (they went on to their own pots last year). Cold hardy tree Zones 5-9. It complies with my rule of thumb that calls for chopping a branch or leader two or three basal diameters from the point where it emerges from the trunk or trunk chop. It takes at least a decade before bark begins to form. That was just a few months after it was collected. Help! If you look closely you can see the spot about halfway up where I removed a straight leader, in order to make for a more attractive shape for the tree. Yes, Chinese elm and cedar elm are different species. In 2008 at the “1st National Bonsai Exhibition” in Rochester, NY he was awarded “Best Tropical Bonsai” for his Purple Bougainvillea. I let the latest leader grow all last year, and it’s now about six feet in length. Like to first one, it needs to be moved into a more horizontal position. What do you think? Mr. Smith, with dormancy not far away, do you expect a full flush of new foliage before winter on the cedar elm? Growth habit: cedar elm backbuds very well on old wood. zach@bonsai-south.comcathy@bonsai-south.com, Designed by Cathy Smith, MBA ND LMT, ZBH | (c) 2000 - Today. Leaf-size reduction: the leaves easily reduce to ½” with ramification and diligent pinching. In 2008 at the “1st National Bonsai Exhibition” in Rochester, NY he was awarded “Best Tropical Bonsai” for his Purple Bougainvillea. It comes in a glazed bonsai container. Cedar elm can also be grown from hardwood cuttings taken in late spring. Stay tuned for more. Nice fall interest and lovely … An unheated garage, cold frame or other method to protect the root zone. But it needs some work. Cedar elm in its natural habitat regularly has corky growth on twigs. Winged elm is a great species for bonsai. As a final step, seal every cut on the trunk that’s ¼” or greater in diameter with cut paste. I’ve never heard of a case of Dutch elm disease in a bonsai. I would suggest an online search, Kelly. UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: CEDAR ELM is a deciduous tree that is cold hardy. If you collect your own: cedar elm has a stout wood, so I always recommend use of a cordless reciprocating saw to make the work easier.

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