how to beat gideon bless unleashed

Idk if maybe I'm having a harder time because I'm 'ranged' but Jesus christ. He's already been nerfed in to the ground. Titania is outside if you want to go back in, speak with her. The action combat in Bless Unleashed feels more natural than Tera but yet not as “crisp” as BDO. In hindsight that’s probably what I should have done, in the end he was dead so who cares. I also used a food buff that regenerated 1% of hp every 5 seconds and a hp elixir(5% extra heath I think it was). He definitely needs to be nerfed. You may end up having to have two people on healing at times as this fight includes several status effects that can hamper us (read up on the moves below). That was huge since that saved me from burning a ton of potions. Copyright © 2017-2020 Let's Play Index. My team is level 25 Cyrus, 26 Olberic, 24 H'aanit and 23 Ophilia. Rinse repeat till 50% and a portal will open up - he'll disappear and you can dodge whirlwinds and exit. Kept resetting with a quick match making message popping up. I tried to defeat Cyrus' chapter 2 boss but he is way to difficult. Gideon is a royal prick. The key for me (Ranger, 850 gs) was to be more aggressive than I thought I could be. Bless Unleashed keeps the controls a bit more simplistic compared to BDO, which isn’t a bad thing. Gideon is too hard to beat? I have a feeling it's going to be tough for a mage. Bless Unleashed Mid Level Gear Grinding and Enhancing Fully Demonstrated. Community for Bless Unleashed, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment's first MMORPG now available on Xbox One and PS4. Community for Bless Unleashed, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment's first MMORPG now available on Xbox One and PS4. I also switched a few of my armor for this fight using an armor piece that gave me an attack buff after using a certain skill and armor for stamina to allow me to use 2 dodge skills consecutively. Just keep circling him, most his attacks are frontal, get behind him and time it and you can open up on him. Bless Unleashed DEV UPDATE for April 17, 2020 - And I talk about PvP for 36 Minutes ... Bless Unleashed TAMING Event Begins RIGHT NOW! Gideon has 4 attacks. Bless Unleashed - 15 Smuggler Locations (Verified and Rumored)! Rinse repeat till 50% and a portal will open up - he'll disappear and you can dodge whirlwinds and exit. For me when I used my archer, I made a mistake the first I fought Gideon and kept trying to do combos on him, which not only put me in danger but also made me waste more heals than needed. He can be a bitch, however: ---Use a Fresh Fruit Pie Meal. What worked was the green regen shareable meal. Cookies help us deliver our Services. March 31, 2020, Bless Unleashed Patch Notes: March 31st, 2020, Bless Unleashed - Rutus Mines: Halls of the Dead - No Commentary Gameplay. But a few hours into Bless Unleashed with an Xbox One controller and things will feel natural pretty quick, especially as the muscle memory takes hold. The 2 attacks you need to worry about are his point blank area of effect explosion and his figure 8 spread attack that … I was level 26, 842 Gs. When I beat him, I didn’t have this feeling of accomplishment from doing it. I think I used three potions at 28 sader at 890gs which is alright. Stayed to the right and keep distance ,go in for pop shots . Your email address will not be published. Your Adventure Begins! I was able to beat Gideon on my first attempt. When he lifts for his staff slam, dodge right before he slams (dodge directly at … I do love discussion around what was your GS but it should be what did you do to beat Gideon?hey my first time beating gideon was with my crusader i was gs 847 this time i beat … Don’t forget to follow our hosts on twitter! Brandonhabs - 2 years ago. 10 want to boost; Room to Grow achievement in Bless Unleashed. Bless Unleashed, a free-to-play MMORPG, which is exclusive to Xbox One console, has been well received by the fans of the Bless franchise. I didn’t find the fight overly difficult, especially once you learned his attacks. Patch Notes for April 7, 2020, Bless Unleashed Leveling Guide Levels 11 - 13, Bless Unleashed Development Update! I think he resets when you've been in a dungeon queue that didn't work out. Press J to jump to the feed. I tried defense panacea w elixir but I hadn’t mastered Gideons rhythm yet so it was a waste. Levels 8 - 11, featuring Mark of the Wolf and INVASIONS! I just felt relieved the annoyance was over. You must not have seen the part where I said that there were constant lag and stuttering issues during the fight. This boss does not need a nerf. I’ve seen people suggest having around 840 gear score for the fight, but he absolutely steamrolled me at 840.

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