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how was kureno sohma curse broken

He also forces himself to stay with Akito to keep her from being lonely despite knowing full well that who Akito really wants is Shigure Sohma, not him. He feels it is his duty to be by Akito's side, as he also feels guilt at being the only member of the Zodiac to be able to enjoy absolute freedom, while the rest are still burdened by the curse. He was the first of the cursed Sohmas to have his curse completely broken, while speaking of his broken curse and how he felt "free, no longer in a bird cage" without the presence of the cursed spirit. Being able to transform into a sparrow enabled him to fly, this ironically makes him the only Sohma Zodiac member to be able to have flown. As the Snake of the Zodiac, Ayame is sensitive to heat and cold like a cold-blooded snake. However, Kazuma mentions that it may be good for them to be buried "outside", as the Cats are forced be confined inside for life. It's possible for the cursed members of the Zodiac to have children with non-cursed humans (as Kazuma is the grandson of the previous Cat). Tigers are drawn to her and Kisa can also somewhat communicate with them. She was physically and emotionally abused by her parents and they threw her out of their house when they realized that they could never love her. [6] Kureno later releases Rin and interrupts Hatsuharu Sohma and Akito's fight by telling them that Rin has been sent to the hospital. A new possessed Sohma can only be born if a previous cursed Sohma passes away. Whenever Hatsuharu is hugged by the opposite sex, or if his body goes through a great deal of stress, he transforms into his Chinese Zodiac form; a black and white Ox with brown eyes, piercings, a necklace, and Hatsuharu's human hairstyle. Only a few words of rejection from Akito's mouth can both emotionally and physically wound the Zodiacs. He only met Tohru once and told her that his curse was broken when he was 16 years old. He can thus be very manipulative and scheming; he “challenges” Akito, allows Tohru to stay at his house because he predicts she will be a factor in breaking the curse; he stirs up trouble in order to make things moving, and he forcibly triggers people's traumas and insecurities to make them act and be an accumulation in breaking the curse. Kureno is a young man with a slender yet muscular build, and a rather tall stature. She storms out though Kureno catches up to her and quickly apologies for saying something so insensitive. While having lunch, they learn more about one another and Kureno reveals that he is not able to go outside much; in fact, the first time he met Arisa was the first time he had been to a convenience store as well. He has auburn hair and reddish-brown eyes. It is mentioned that Hatori in his seahorse form is able to function fine in both salt- and freshwater. One night, Kureno tells Akito that she has received a call from the main house. However, he tells her that he has no intention to see her again. This prompts Kureno to call Shigure and tell him he has something to talk about. In a shown flashback, Kureno had been surrounded by a flock of birds before his curse was broken. It has been stated that Kureno, despite being the rooster of the Zodiac, he transforms into a sparrow instead. It is known that both of Hatori's parents were very strict and his home life wasn't very warm, which could possibly be due to Hatori being under the curse's influence. Whenever Hiro is hugged by the opposite sex, or if his body goes through a great deal of stress, he transforms into his Chinese Zodiac form; a light brown lamb, as he is still a child, with beige wool and dark brown eyes. He is mentioned to be quite handsome. However, since he doesn't like suits so much, he prefers to wear simple and light-colored clothes that blend in with the background, so he doesn't bring attention to himself. Yuki's family received special treatment and began living a life in luxury, and Yuki received a special and different education from the other Zodiacs due to being deemed as an important and special existence within the Zodiac - just like the God. He was well aware of it, and describes it as feeling "free, no longer in a birdcage, without the presence of the spirit". He lives with them, but they aren't particularly close. This eventually developed into a multitude for Ritsu in the present. He is carrying a handful of items in his arms and accidentally bumps into Arisa. Doesn't anything bad ever happen? This is the reason why the Zodiacs aren’t able to defy Akito, since they all harbor intense feelings toward her and since she is like a god to them; someone to be feared and respected, whether they are weak or strong. Fruits Basket Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He is one of the only four Sohmas who knew all along that Akito was a female. Fruits Basket Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Whenever the surrounding becomes too warm or cold for him, Ayame would transform into his Chinese Zodiac form; a white rabbit with golden eyes. Kureno is the one who releases Isuzu from the cat compound after her imprisonment. Even Shigure mentions that he couldn't believe that Akito brought Kureno along. He is also one of the oldest Zodiac members, knowing that Akito was female from the beginning. Isuzu Sohma, also known as Rin, is possessed by the spirit of the Horse. The Sohma Curse (草摩の呪い, Sōma no Noroi) is a "bond" between God and thirteen members of the Zodiac. Whenever she transforms into her animal or reverts back to her human form, a pink-magenta smoke surrounds her. He is one of the oldest members of the Cursed Sohmas and the former Rooster of the Chinese Zodiac, whose curse has been broken for at least ten years. Momiji's curse broke earlier than everyone else's, and was the overall second to break. [20], As time went on, Kureno began feeling guilty for feeding Akito's abandonment issues and blames himself for Akito turning out the way she did. Additionally, the Zodiac only obey Akito out of fear, not the curse. [5] For this reason, he keeps his needs and wants to himself, including his desire to be with Arisa, or later, to leave the Sohma estate. Shigure Sohma, Hatori Sohma, and Ayame Sohma had the same dream and they all woke up crying and immediately reached out to Akito’s mother’s, Ren Sohma, womb, who didn’t even know she was pregnant yet. The Dragon is the fifth member of the Zodiac animals in the zodiac legend to become first himself in the Zodiac because the Ox was stupid. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kureno doesn't wear white shirts (except when school uniforms used to require them). He is shown to be very considerate of people around him and wants to help them out no matter what, even it means that he would suffer the consequences. Arisa went to visit him there, and the two of them later on moved out to live in the countryside together. Shigure explains that every Zodiac is well aware of Kyo’s future confinement, but none of them will lift a finger to stop it; either accepting it in silence or pretending not to think about it. Although there is no definite answer to what these “changes” are, it is implied to be when a possessed member form a stronger bond with an outsider or someone other than God, than the one between them and God. [4][7], On the day of Ren Sohma became pregnant with Akito, Kureno had a dream where a still transparent Akito appeared and told him that they would be able to meet soon, whereupon he began crying. His former lover was Kana Sohma, an extended member of the family who found out about the curse while working for Hatori. Ayame also gets colds and the flu easily due to this. He has dark auburn hair, and reddish brown eyes. The four boys knew that their God was in there, and felt like they had always been waiting for her. He also had a feeling that since the current generation is the first time all twelve members of the Zodiac (including the Cat and God) are alive at the same time, the God and the animals all gathered for the final banquet. The Sheep is the eighth member of the Zodiac animals as stated in the zodiac legend, as well as the eighth animal who drank the spell and created the bond with God in the true zodiac legend. Kureno first met Arisa when he went to the store that she was working at during the time. Hiro and his mother are viewed as an anomaly within the Sohma family, as Satsuki has never once been rejecting or overprotective of Hiro, and only exclaimed "I love sheep! [1] This is why the Cat is punished for this in each rebirth. Whenever Yuki is hugged by the opposite sex, or if his body goes through a great deal of stress, he transforms into his Chinese Zodiac form, a small grey Rat with grey eyes. THE PROMISE. A few years after the main storyline, Kureno is seen walking around with a cane. When it broke, the flock of birds had all fled and flew away, leaving Kureno all alone. Shigure Sohma. It is also mentioned that Yuki was set up into a competition against Kyo by the family since a young age, though nobody doubted that Yuki was better due to being the Rat. ", after she held him for the first time after he was born. When Akito didn't approve of their love she injured Hatori; Kana suffered mentally and had to have her memory erased. Despite being under the curse's influence, Ritsu has a relatively normal and loving relationship with his parents. Arisa finally saw him walking by and talked with him. On top of being an abnormal transformation that alienates them already from the rest of society, it also makes relationships incredibly difficult to maintain. It is unknown how being under the curse's influence affected his relationships with his parents. He also says that Ritsu had the same dream as well, but he was as quoted by Kureno as "too young to remember and didn't really understand it". It's a color he feels an aversion to, and he avoids wearing it because he wants to blend in and not draw attention to himself. Her parents initially posed as normal, loving, and affectionate people who never got angry or sad - to which Rin describes to them as being in a "play". He is one year younger than Hatori, Shigure, and Ayame, but he is two years older than Ritsu. Kureno also mentions that when Akito had come into existence, a part of him he didn’t know existed was crying out, and that it belonged to the voice of the spirit possessing him. Seahorses are drawn to him and Hatori can also somewhat communicate with them. He is depicted as a polite and selfless young man. When it broke, the flock of birds had all fled and flew away, leaving Kureno all alone. Kureno does not hate Shigure though, and may even have looked up to him when he was younger. His light brown hair and green-greyish eyes could be influenced by the Monkey's spirit. Her strength is seen when she unintentionally knocked Tohru out on the floor with a single slap once, and she also destroys parts of her house and Shigure's house in fits of anger on a regular basis. When Akito sensed this due to their "bond", she went into a hysterical panic, since Kureno's curse breaking was a sign of her bonds with the Zodiacs falling apart, which she thought defined her entire existence. Kureno always dresses professionally and is rarely seen without wearing a suit. His brown hair- and eye colors could be influenced by the Sheep's spirit. Shigure also predicts that the curse will break completely in the current generation of Zodiacs’ lifetime, although maybe not until they are much older. As the Boar of the Zodiac, Kagura has great strength, a very impulsive behavior, and easily resorts to violence. [16] The next day, after hesitantly promising to stay by Akito's side forever and sleeping with her, Kureno watches the play on his own. Even though he seems to want to see Arisa, a flashback where Akito begs for him to not leave her haunts him. [9], When Kureno's curse broke, while the bond had previously been intact for thousands of years, those who were aware of Kureno’s situation knew that the curse was slowly weakening.

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