sims 4 birthday cheat

Gives your sim family X amount of money (only with “testingcheats true/on” active). The Sims 4 logo is a trademark of Electronic Arts, Inc and we have no ownership over that content. Sets Media Production skill to maximum level 5. If your Sims achieve an honours degree in special subjects at the respective university ( Science courses at Foxbury, Art courses at Britechester), the future career bonus in the form of higher earnings, more holidays and higher career entry level will be the highest.

Now you can increase or decrease the Celebrity Rating, lock fame permanently (Freeze Fame) and adjust the Sim’s Reputation. Special Offer For the iPhone/iPad/iPod owners! Sets Research and Debate Skill at maximum level 10. You can join the secret fraternity by donating items at the statue in the middle of the campus. Example: With “traits.equip_trait clumsy” you give your Sim the trait “Clumsy”, with “traits.remove_trait trait_clumsy” you remove it again.

Add a career to your active sim (replace X with the desired career). Then hold down Shift and Left-click on the NAP board in your neighbourhood (or on your mailbox if you are on your Sim’s residential property) to use the following options: You generate more Influence in a similar way: Activate the Cheat Console and use the “testingcheats true” Cheat before Shift + Left-clicking on one of the voting boards and selecting “Sim +15 Influence” for +15 Influence per use. Shift + Left-click on the Sim and use “Sunbathing Options” to select your desired tan in the appearing selection menu.

Eco footprint of your neighbourhood turns into “green”. You can also add Fame Quirks or remove unwanted Quirks. Insert the animal ID into the cheat below. Streunt seit über zwanzig Jahren durch virtuelle Welten und würde sowohl ein Lichtschwert als auch einen Zauberstab und einen Replikator benutzen, gäbe es derlei im realen Leben.

Now you’re ready to have a dark side romance with Kylo! The birthday cake has to be in the middle of a table for the candle option to show. traits.equip_trait trait_SacredKnittingKnowledge, traits.equip_trait trait_championofthepeople, stats.set_skill_level major_archaeology 10, stats.set_skill_level major_bartending 10, stats.set_skill_level major_fabrication 10, stats.set_skill_level adultmajor_flowerarranging 10, stats.set_skill_level major_gourmetcooking 10, stats.set_skill_level major_homestylecooking 10, stats.set_skill_level minor_juicefizzing 5, stats.set_skill_level AdultMajor_Knitting 10, stats.set_skill_level retail_maintenance 5, stats.set_skill_level minor_mediaproduction 5, stats.set_skill_level major_photography 10, stats.set_skill_level major_programming 10, stats.set_skill_level major_rocketscience 10, stats.set_skill_level minor_localculture 5, stats.set_skill_level Skill_Hidden_TreadMill 5, stats.set_skill_level major_videogaming 10, stats.set_skill_level toddler_communication 5, stats.set_skill_level toddler_imagination 5, stats.set_skill_level skill_child_creativity 10, stats.set_skill_level skill_child_mental 10, stats.set_skill_level skill_child_motor 10, stats.set_skill_level skill_child_social 10.

There is no candle lighting anything options. Enter the desired cheat in the cheat row and confirm with ENTER. You can change the type of a Community Shared Lot by first traveling to that property. Active sim gets demoted in career (replace X with the desired career). Active sim gets promoted in career (replace X with the desired career). If you want to change the character values of children and teenagers, use the cheat that matches the desired character value and replace the “X” with a value between -100 and 100, with -100 being the worst and 100 the best value on the character value scale., Hamburger Cake (if you have the Digital Deluxe game). Enables the use of more cheats in your game. Your Sims learn most Skills by interacting with an object or performing a specific activity. Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_Debate X, Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_ArtSociety X, Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_SchoolSpirit_Party X, Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_Robotics X, Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_HonorSociety X, Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_CollegeOrganization_Progress_SecretSociety X, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBA, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBA, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBA, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBA, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBA, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBA, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBA, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBA, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBA, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBA, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBA, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBA, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBA, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBS, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBS, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBS, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBS, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBS, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBS, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBS, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBS, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBS, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBS, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBS, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBS, Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBS, Fizzyhead (maximum level of Juice Fizzing-Skill), Champion of the People (Civil Designer Career), Influential Individual (completed Aspiration “Eco Innovator”), traits.equip_trait trait_influentialindividual, Muse of the Maker (completed Aspiration “Master Maker”), Promotion in the Freelancer career “Maker”. Let me know in the comments! careers.promote careers_adult_conservationist, careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_artist, careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_maker, careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_fashion, careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_programmer, careers.promote adult_freelancer_agency_writer, careers.promote career_Volunteer_E-Sports, careers.promote careers_Volunteer_SoccerTeam, traits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult. Kills your animal and transforms it into a ghost. This can be done by any sim except for toddlers and babies. Sets the amount of yor active sim’s satisfaction points to amount X. Sets Pipe Organ skill to maximum level 10. Character Values Cheat.

Now, you must bake the cake yourself which can be a pain but it adds a lot to the realism of the game and can be a cute moment shared between family members.

For Vampire Powers Cheats you need the ID of the Sim you want to use.

How do I enhance a particular skill? Birthday parties normally can only be thrown on the day the Sim ages up, although birthday parties can be thrown at any time in The Sims 3. For all Sims 4 Cheats on Sim Needs “testingcheats true” (PC/MAC) or “testingcheats on” (console) must be enabled.

Transforms your active sim into a mermaid/merman. Especially traits like “Long Living”, “Laid Back” or ” Handy” make it easier for you to progress in careers or other Aspirations. Select “Batuu Cheats” and “Batuu Reputation”. In this extensive Cheat Collection for The Sims 4 you will find. Promotion in the Part-Time Job Fisherman. Sets Fabrication skill to maximum level 10. The Sims 4 |The Bachelor Challenge – Going Home!

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