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tiffany rockelle and gavin magnus

With this, she basically confirms the relationship between her and Walker. i hope you guys understad what they are going through is no easy so please be a little nicer and thank you for the people who stand up for piper, omg guys please stop pretending to be people your not and stop the hating and let piper be and Gavin and coco are still friends but they wanted to take a break and liper is still together and the goatfam and the piprazzi army are working it out and we should stand up for them not make fun of them and this family torn has been made back when piper was dating Gavin and please pretending to be people your not not gonna end you up in something helpful cause both of the squads are in touch and piper and coco we that they do not hang out with each other but they are still social media friends love ya piper, Didn’t know that hunter was pipers brother I always thought that it was her dad nice to know that it was her brother the whole time, okay look there is a simple way that we can tell if this piper is the real one only the real piper would be able to tell the exact age that means years minths and days i know my cats one so you should be able to know yours, Look gavin you and piper are frends and liper is oficio so coco and gavin be boyfriend and girlfriend o bye da weave love you piper am your biggest fan, Piper I really like your videos you are like the only You Tuber I really watch along with your brother hunter i have subscribed to your YouTube channel and i follow you one tiktok and when i grow up i wish i could be a little like you and i think you are a impersonation to us all, Piper I love you your my favorite YouTuber I want to be like you one day, Piper I love your videos you are so awe and I subscribed and turned my post notifications on, Hi Piper I’m a big fan and we were both born on the same day and year❤️❤️❤️❤️, Hi piper I am the real haylen and I was telling you someone gave me your squad email, Thank you rosabella I think that they will be yo friend too, Hi haylen I think your a nice person and the squad would be friends with you, Hi Piper and walker I love you guys and the whole squad y’all the best and mabey can I get yo Gmail’s so that I can talk to you on that plz, Pipers biggest fan I agree I want to know what’s up with the squad and is windi like real, Pls can u do a video explaining about the squad I’m very confused ur my star ⭐️ I rlly want to meet u one day as ur have such an amazing personality and u seem like an amazing friend and great fun person to hang out with. I hope you are all well. -love from india. Hi Piper I love you and your friends and boyfriend. I am glad that Piper is with her own squad now. and I hate Gavin and coco. For her biography, see Piper Rochelle. So don’t even try to lie, and if you do at least make it sound more…… Realistic… Just saying…… Also, have fun doing nothing than just making up lies…, Leyla I doubt that is real stop trying to steal pipers mans. Im sorry if that sounds like a stalker but I LOVEEE YOU!!!! Get ur life together, both OF YOU! um piper dosen’t need you in her life anymore she loves lev and that’s it and he loves her plus all you talk about is gucci and songs and stuff but lev and tells piper that she looks pretty and always kisses her on the check everyday so she dosen’t need you or love anymore leave her and her new boyfriend alone. I love u Piper and I wish I could meet u (That will never happen cause I live in Switzerland) Check out all my social media platforms and I love you all so much. I was reading all the stupid mean comments that some of you posted. No matter what happens I’ll still be there for you, piper is so cool and kind you are the best, Gavin and piper should get back to gether because walker is dating someone else, Gavin and piper should get back together walker is dating someone else, I think piper and walker nick name should be palker, and yeah stop hating on Coco Quinn Like seriously it’s just a little annoying. Gavin, you are amazing and coco you are so beautiful. it’s realy nothing i can do to support Piper than to watch her vids. I love you’re boyfriends because they look so hansom, I Love you so much buyout I Love you’re boyfriends, Hi its me again but at lists you have frank to play with, i live in England,brentford love you , love you piper hope to meet u but i am not aloud to go on your tour i real want to meet you sorry but maybe one day i will meet u and sophie, piper i wish i was in you squad i am your biggest fan you are two years older then me i am ten. Today is going to be a awesome day, Piper its you the best in the squad but also Frank, Hey guys it’s piper hear and I can’t go on tours at som of your ears and homes and people that can’t go so I want to ask a question who’s your favorite person in the squad thanks guys love ya ❤️. It was a disappointment all round when they split. I really wanted to ask u who do u like better: I have noticed in your comments you have been getting some haters but ignore them because they hold you down! Gavin was introduced as her crush in a reaction-to-old-Instagram-photos video in January 2019. I really ship you and Lev together and yes you do look good well not even good STUNNINGGG! Everyone is happy and fine with how things turned out. I wish I could meet piper one day. On August 24, 2019, Gavin Magnus released a cover music video of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello‘s song, Señorita. because her dad wasn’t ok of Tiffany having a newborn baby and i cant seem to find Tyler Hill, Hey Piper also good job for saving cats in need, Can u do a tour in Nebraska plezzzzzzz u made me think I can become anything I want to be I love u, Hey Piper how r u No hate whatsoever Piper ur videos are awesome so keep smiling, r u and Gavin dating again also maybe you and coco should try being friends again and I’m sorry bout this page, I’m so sorry to hear all that and lev Cameron and Walker Bryant u are her crush u can’t do that, in all her challenges if u have won, she has given u over £ !❤️, Guys, this isn’t piper it’s just some facts about her-. I support #Piker. Love you, Hi Piper I am a huge fan I love you so much you are an amazing person hope your mom is feeling better. but the one behind the cam called Hunter ray hill # LIPER super cute xx write piper and Lev should get married, piper has a pug he doesn’t really talk .i have a pug too. But a couple of days after the interview video, Indi posts this message on the Instagram post above, “So I feel like I have to address all the rumors that are swirling around because my Youtube video did not post today. We were on a date. Piper, I love you. Your email address will not be published. Love. You are a queen girl!! Furthermore, he mentions there were abusing texts from Tiffany, preventing him from working with other people. I love you piper and I wish I can meet you or have your #. Please get it right thank you! Soon he gathered more than one million followers there, and his videos got tons of likes. Guys I’m thinking I should break up with Gavin we had a fight recently what do you think. Like how!! Hey what your name guys its a beautiful picture And I am not going into work and then I’m sorry to bother people I am not sure what I, Piper is Sophie fergi adopted into ur family does she live with u or is just for the videos that she is in ur house just wondering I am a big fan, HI piper hi walker hi lev can we pls be friends, Hey piper walker jentzen and the rest of the squad love y’all.

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